Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day #21,470

Walk 2949-2952: downtown shopping
Walk 2952-2955: went to take pictures but battery died after one picture

pathway over the Yarra River
aprox km 2954 near Melbourne Convention Centre

Movie #1091: The Choppers(1961, Leigh Jason)

This one just doesn't have that jaw-dropping goofyness of the other Arch Hall Sr/Jr efforts. The problem could be their choice of Leigh Jason as a director. Jason has a list of credits as director dating back to 1928. Too professional no doubt. Also, this is Junior's first acting role and he hasn't quite got that look (that he displayed in "The Sadist") or the hair-do (that he displayed in "Eeegah!").
This one was purchased at a discount store in Melbourne Australia. It's good to know that the Arch Hall oeuvre has made its way downunder.

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