Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day #21,480

Walk km 3015-3020: shopping then to StarCity
Walk km 3020-3023: walk downtown to get night pictures

StarCity amusement park
aprox km 3018 Vicente Sotto

Movie #1098: Autumn Afternoon(1962, Yasujiro Ozu)
Movie #1099: Late Spring(1949, Yasujiro Ozu)
It was a Yasujiro Ozu double feature today. Little did I know that both movies were going to be the same story. A widower must decide if he should get his daughter to marry or if he should try to keep her at home to take care of him in his old age. In 1949, the decicision is easy but it is hard to convince the daughter to desert her father. In 1962, the father is about to make the wrong decision but he comes upon a former teacher who made the same decision and now regrets it. Both movies are elegant in the Ozu style but it's the 1949 that is better because we are left to try and figure out why the daughter is so reluctant to marry. In the 1962 everything is out in the open. Ozu usually doesn't bother much with plot development, his is more a slice-of-life type of thing. However, just that small mystery in Late Spring made all the difference to me.

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