Monday, October 19, 2009

Day #21,488

Walk km 3075-3079: to the Canadian Tire store

aprox km 3077 from Cambie bridge

Movie #1111: The Bad Sleep Well(Akira Kurozawa, 1960)

There's one little problem with this movie: people commit suicide when their boss tells them to. I know the Japanese are famous for their obedience to authority but.....commiting suicide because your boss asks you to?!?!?
To me, that seems to go against human nature. You need a pretty big reward for taking your own life. Can pleasing your boss really fill the bill? There is an interesting scene where a would be suicide gets to listen to the conversation of his bosses after they hear that he has commited suicide. He seems upset that they're not upset. Can he really be that stupid?
Anyway, this has a very complex plot which is fascinating to follow. Basically, it's the good guys vs the bad guys. In order to triumph the good guys have to turn bad themselves. But because they are inherently good, they are doomed to fail. The one character who is totally ruthless comes out the victor. Not the kind of ending you're likely to see in a Hollywood picture, but a much more honest one.

Song Of The Day: Mambo Italiano
Bob Merrill (an American) wrote this one in 1954. But he actually based the song on an old Italian one. So Rosemary Clooney (an American) records it in 1954 and has a big hit. So, Carla Boni (an Italian) does the Italian cover version of an American song which was really an Italian song. She also has a hit with it (in 1956).

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