Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day #21,481

Walk km 3023-3029: up to Taft, across to United Nations, back via Baywalk
Walk km 3029-3035: Quinino to Pedro Gil to General Luna to United Nations and back

searching for treasure amidst the garbage
aprox km 3028 Baywalk

a jeepney
aprox km 3025 M Malvar @ Taft

another jeepney
aprox km 3025 Taft Ave

Movie #1100: The Party(Blake Edwards, 1968)
Afraid not. Just a bunch of strung together vignettes starring the bumbling Peter Sellers. And when he needs a break they use the drunk waiter or the elephant. It has a 74 on IMDB so I guess I'm just not the physical humour type.

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