Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day #21,490

Walk km 3086-3097: Science World to English Bay (and return) with Meetup walking group

Movie #1112: Sin Takes A Holiday(1930, Paul L Stein)
Movie #1113: Bed Of Roses (1933, Gregory LaCava)

One good thing about still being on Asian time: when TCM has a Constance Bennett double feature that starts at 3:30 AM...... no problem. The only thing I knew about Constance was that she was Joan Bennett's sister. That's a good enough recommendation for me. As it turns out, she's no Joan but when she gets an interesting character to play (like in Bed Of Roses) she's all right (in a kind of Carole Lombard way). The less said about Sin Takes A Holiday the better - it's a dull drawing room drama. Plenty of spiffy dialogue in Bed Of Roses and Constance gets herself a real leading man in Joel McCrea.

Today's Tune: Silhouettes
This one is from 1957. The Rays were from Chicago but the song was written by Bob Crewe & Frank Slay who were working out of Philadelphia. The song was covered by Canada's The Diamonds. Bob Crewe went on to write a slew of hit records in the 60s for The Four Seasons. Also in the 60s, the song was covered by Herman's Hermits who had another hit with it. In addition, we have the Jamaican version by Dennis Brown and a Spanish version by Los Salvejas. The original version by The Rays is on the video.

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