Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day #21,471

Walk km 2955-2963: through Docklands to some amusement park then back via Spencer Street

Hotel Spencer
aprox km 2960 Spencer Street

Song Of The Day: I've Been Everywhere
I don't have many songs on my laptop so I haven't been putting up any "songs of the day" while on the road. But, I still have eMusic. And since I'm currently downunder, here's everyone's favourite Aussie tune: "I've Been Everywhere" sung by both some Aussies (the LeGarde Twins) and a Canuck (Mike Ford).

Movie #1092: Invasion USA (Afred E Green,1952)

I've had some luck with "red scare" movies before but this one has to be on the short list for worst movie ever made. The main reason is that they only shot half a movie: stock footage of WWII makes up about half the time of the movie. This stock footage is supposed to show the Russian invasion of the USA. The other half is strictly amateur hour. It may be just a tad better than "Plan 9 From Outer Space" but that stock footage reduced it to sub Ed Wood standards. Then there is the "red scare" tactics about how the USA should invest all of it's money into building a giant military to beat those commies at their own game. Amazingly, once the invasion from Russia is underway, everyone in the cast keeps asking for the radio or tv to be turned off: for some reason, an invading army dropping A-bombs on America's cities doesn't seem to interest them! There are a bunch of unintentional laughs plus the sequence where the guy from Arizona picks up his family along the roadside only to have them all drown because Boulder Dam has been bombed is right up there on a par with the best (worst) of Ed Wood. And this was directed by Alfred E Green who used to be a contender. He had directed some of Hollywood's brightest stars back in the 30s but obviously by 1952 he was reduced to trying to eek out a living on skid row. So, there are some interesting moments here but none that the makers of this movie intended.

Book #260: The Brass Verdict (2008, Michael Connelly)

I haven't read too many Connelly's lately because a) I always forget which ones I've read and b) "Chasing The Dime" was such a clunker. This one may not be one of his best but it kept me turning the pages at a decent rate.

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