Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day #21,476

Walk km 2991-2997: north to Singapore River, south to Cantonment Road

aprox 2996 Cantonment Road, Singapore

a temple?
aprox km 2996 Neil Road, Singapore

Movie #1095: Nobody To Watch Over Me(2008, Ryoichi Kimizuka)
Watching a movie on an airplane is probably not the best movie going experience. However, there is not much good I can say about this one. It's a shooting-fish-in-a-barrel movie where all the bad guys are especially obnoxious and the good guys are so terribly nice. You just can't help but be outraged by how the bad guys always come out on top. You can't unless you can see how the film is trying to manipulate you without supplying a decent story or interesting characters. A 7.9 on
IMDB? Not worth watching (unless you're stuck in an airplane seat with no other alternative).

Movie #1096: Death In Brunswick (1991, John Ruane)
Kudos to Sam Neill for a wonderful portrait of the most hopeless sad sack loser of all time. A movie guaranteed to make everyone of us happier in the knowledge that no matter what our own situation might be, there are bigger losers out there!

I can no longer "right click" with my laptop slider. This will affect the picture quality until I get back home or until I can figure out an alternative to "right clicking".

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