Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day #21,474

Hi Jennifer, this is the last of the Melbourne pictures as I'm leaving for Singapore tomorrow. I guess you're already saving up for airfare so you can get back here?

Walk km 2975-2986: to Port Phillips Bay then south along the beach to Langridge, over to Albert Park then back along Clarendon Street

walking path
aprox km 2977 just west of Turner Reserve Pathway

aprox km 2981 Beaconsfield street (across from the beach)

treelined street
aprox km 2983 Richardson Street

Song Of The Day: Sparkling Brown Eyes
The best song about eye colour? Well, there's Van Morrison and "Brown Eyed Girl" and Willie Nelson with "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" but Webb Pierce with the Wilburn Brothers doing "Sparkling Brown Eyes" would be my pick. And you have to be careful out there: there is another version by Webb Pierce that it not nearly as good. I believe the difference is that the vocal stylings of the Wilburn Brothers are on the version heard here. The Wilburnless version is to be avoided.
I don't have another version but Roy Acuff's "Answer to Sparkling Brown Eyes" comes close except that he changes eye colour to blue for his "answer".
This song goes out to Suna who can sing a mighty fine "Beautiful Beautiful Blue Eyes".

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