Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day #21,533

Walk km 6167-6169: running errands
Walk km 6169-6173: a couple of short walks

Movie #1501 (#284 this year): Pitfall(1962, Hiroshi Teshigahara)

Screenplay by Kobo Abe so you know you're in for surrealism. There are lots of dead people walking around commenting on the action. Dopplegangers cause strange plot twists.
But above all, it's an anti-capitalist fable. The evil murderer gets a witness to implicate a union leader as the murderer by offering money. The murderer later returns and murders the witness and retrieves his money. The rich are able to keep down the poor because they are all greedy and can be corrupted by their greed. In the final shot a young boy enters the candy shop of the newly murdered witness and robs her. There is no hope for the poor.

Movie #1502 (#285 this year): Seri & Harr(2008, Su-young Yang)

This movie is so obscure that it is not listed on IMDB. Not the title, the director or the two lead actresses. It's a poorly acted movie about illegal workers in Korea. The whole thing looks like an after school special teaching children not to hate. Their hearts are in the right place but the execution borders on the amateur.

Book #351 (#46 this year): Natural Causes(1983, Jonathan Valin)

Jonathan Valin at home

Have I read this one before? I thought that I'd pretty much read all of the Valins but I can't be sure. This one does not ring a bell. Once again detective Harry Stoner is on the case but he's moving out beyond his home base of Cincinnati. Not as good as I remember the other Valins but still a mighty fine example of PI fiction.

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