Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day #21,546

Walk km 6281-6288: to Yaletown Station/(train)/Cambie/(bus)/41st/Yew/53rd/Beechwood/51st/Marine/(bus+train)/Davie/Pacific/Expo/Abbott
Walk km 6288-6291 (15,255 to go): running errands
Walk km 6291-6293 (15,253 to go): to the library

hot food display at T&T Supermarket
aprox km 6288 Abbott Street

Book #356 (#48 this year): Dirty Tricks(1991, Michael Dibdin)

First person account of murder and mayhem from a first class rotter. The whole thing is extemely clever as our hero tries to explain away his many evil deeds, all the while making it plain to one and all that he is slime personified. Clever indeed.

Movie #1517 (#298 this year): Executive Koala(2005, Minoru Kawasaki)

Have I mentioned that the Japanese are totally nutso? There ain't no place else where they could have possibly made a movie like this.
Mr Tamura is a mid-level executive in a pickle company. He's also a koala. He's also an ax-murderer. Lots of blood and gore in this one as the executive koala takes his ax to almost every cast member. There's also some song and dance numbers. And a bit of romance. Martial arts? Sure!
In short, it's just totally stoooooooooopid.

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  1. Tried to find Dirty Tricks at the library. They don't have it.