Monday, December 6, 2010

Day #21,537

Walk km 6183-6188: Market/Harvard/Automotive/Kietzke/Steen/Harvard/Automotive/Kietzke/Mill/Redwood/Market
Walk km 6188-6190: to Grand Sierra and return

Movie #1506 (#289 this year): Odete(2005,Joao Pedro Rodrigues)

I'm getting very close to that 300 movie mark for the year. And the closer I get, the less interesting the movies become.
This one features a woman who is insane. She claims to be pregnant by a dead gay guy. Then she decides to just take over his life instead. Sounds good but it's merely OK.

Movie #1507 (#290 this year): Sweet Smell Of Success(1957,Alexander Mackendrick)

I guess I was wrong. I'm not getting tired of movies, I've just hit a string of stinkers. This one is a doosey.
Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis are slimeballs. Burt is at the top of his game but Tony is still trying to climb to the top. Early on, Tony's secretary comments that Tony is really a decent guy down deep. Well no, the only thing under the slime is more slime.
I know what you're saying, sounds like a Billy Wilder movie. Nope. You see, in this movie there are some good guys: the victims. In Billy Wilder movies everyone is a creep.
I especially liked the look of this one. Kudos to director Mackendrick and cinematographer James Wong Howe.
Ten more to go. I can only hope there's another one this good amongst them.

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