Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day #21,532

Walk km 6153-6156: to the library
Walk km 6156-6167: with Meetup group from Science World to English Bay (and return)

Movie #1497 (#282 this year): Xiwang zai renjian (1949, Fu Shen)

This is one of the DVDs that I brought back from China. The first in this series of DVDs was so dark that I could hardly make out the picture so I kinda forgot about them. With my new monitor I figured I try another. This one has a much better picture.
The problem with this one is the subtitles. Obviously, the person who did the English subtitles did not know English. This is a dictionary translation only without any adjustment for grammar. And add to that lots and lots of misspellings.
That makes the viewing experience a totally different one from that of a Chinese speaker. The viewer's task must be to piece together the plot from the action on the screen along with key words from the jumbled subtitles. It's actually quite enjoyable. Not sure if the movie was any good or not though. It's the usual tale of the Chinese sacrificing everything for the common good (this time the bad guys are the Japanese).

Movie #1498 (#283 this year): Linda Linda Linda (2005, Nobuhiro Yamashita)

It's a story line as old as the hills. Group of amateurs try to put on a talent show. In this case, it's four high school girls who want to play a few songs at their high school talent show. The usual problems get thrown in their path and they must overcome all obstacles. In the final scenes, they put on their show and everyone thinks they're great and there are smiles all around. It's been done a million times before.
The highlight: there is a scene in the school where a DJ is playing records. If you look very closely at the wall behind him you can see it: an Edward Bear LP!
Another highlight: Aki Maeda!

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