Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day #21,531

Walk km 6147-6153: Robson/Denman/sea walk(north)/Waterfront/Howe/Cordova/Water/Powell/Columbia/Pender

Movie #1496 (#281 this year): Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, 1971)

This is better. I was looking through the HMV store and checked out this cheapy compilation of 10 spaghetti westerns for $10. Then I noticed that some of them were "widescreen". Yes! You see, you can buy the cheap movies from Mill Creek but they cut the ends off all the widescreen movies rendering them unwatchable. Finally, someone is issuing these garbage movies in the format that they were shot in.
And then there's the bonus of Blindman: Ringo Starr's dramatic acting debut. Mr Baldi has added a few nice touches here and there but it's still tough to keep your attention focused through 83 minutes of fake-Leone and fake-Morricone.
Update: IMDB says that this movie is 105 minutes - 22 missing minutes from this print.

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