Monday, November 8, 2010

Day #21,509

Book #339 (#40 this year): Ellipsis(2000, Stephen Greenleaf)

Over the years I've read quite a few Greenleaf books and all were first class. This one appears to be merely zircon amidst the jewels. The problem is that our main character, P.I. Marsh Tanner, doesn't really delve deeply into the plot. Everything seems to be on the surface. I think the problem is that this was planned as the final Tanner book and so it's a kind of summing up and doesn't stand too well on its own. In fact, in the final chapter all the characters from previous Tanner books come back to throw him a party. In the context of the book the party is because he's inherited a lot of money but in reality it's a farewell party.
These Greenleaf novels are good but it's much better to start at the beginning: Grave Error(1979).

Movie #1475 (#261 this year): Bell Book And Candle(1958, Richard Quine)

one of the best images in the movie: the eyes of Kim Novak and a cat

I liked watching this one. But I didn't like what I heard.
This one was on Crackle in all its wide-screen glory. Hollywood at its best. Except for the plot: a lot of nonsense about witches and warlocks. I think it was supposed to be whimsical. I hate whimsy.
Check it out on Crackle - just leave the sound off and make up your own storyline.

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