Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day #21,511

Movie #1476 (#262 this year): The Long Memory(1953, Robert Hamer)

John Mills spends a day at the beach in "The Long Memory"

Watched this one because it had the same plot line as one I watched a few days back: innocent man is sent to prison where he dreams of revenge once he gets out.
I'm not sure why English films aren't my cup of tea but there's not too many of them that I like. This one is well acted, well directed and well scripted. Still, it's seems to be a lot less than the sum of its parts. The best part: the extraordinarily drab scenery along the English coast (near the well named "Gravesend").

Movie #1477 (#263 this year): Les gens normaux n'ont rien d'exceptionnel (1993, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa)

Valeria organizes a picnic

Hey, it's one of those Valeria Bruni Tedeschi movies! Val gets to play a woman who goes bonkers when her boyfriend dumps her. She takes up residence in an insane asylum where she takes on the role of a "mother hen". Maybe no great shakes but definitely worth it to watch Ms Tedeschi who is on screen nearly 100% of the time and delivers another outstanding performance.

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