Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day #21,514

Book #343 (#42 this year): The Running Man(1982, Stephen King)

I read this one because it was recommended by one of the characters in "Real World". It's not as good as "Real World" because it's almost totally plot driven. "Real World" digs deep in to the mind of those Japanese kids but here the only thing except for the plot is US vs THEM. But, I'm not selling plot short: King is one of the best at plotting and it shows.
Another thing about this book is that it's set in the near future and King hits two of his forecasts dead on. Right away we see that TV has become dominated by reality shows of the Survivor type. The second one I won't give away because it has to do with the ending but I'm sure you'll see it coming about half way through if you decide to read this one yourself. Of course he does screw up occasionally as when he tries to explain bluffing in poker terms. He explains that the highest form of poker is 5 card stud (like the game they played in "The Cincinnati Kid"). Now, if he would have realized that by 2010 5 card stud would have totally died out and been replaced by the current highest form of poker: 7 card stud hi/lo, then I would have fallen right out of my chair.

Movie #1479 (#266 this year): The Stork Club(1945, Hal Walker)

This one has me stumped. It's Betty Hutton again but this time they've got her under wraps. Too much makeup. Too many fancy gowns. Too many ballads. They should be letting her show that old Betty verve. She was the perkiest girl in Hollywood you know!
Well, somehow it works anyway. I enjoyed it but I'm not sure why.

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