Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day #21,504

Movie #1466 (#253 this year): Getting Any?(1994, Takeshi Kitano)

A fun movie taken in small doses. It started off funny but all the gags began to grow tiresome after 60 minutes. I decided to shut it down and continue watching the following day. Sure enough, the last 40 minutes were fun.
The comedy is on a "three stooges" type level.

Movie #1467 (#254 this year): Red Hot & Blue(1949, John Farrow)

I hate musicals. However, this one is a bit different. I actually like most of the musical numbers. It's the crappy plot that drags this one down. It's the usual story of the girl trying to make it big on Broadway. The difference is that the girl trying to make it big is Betty Hutton. Betty Hutton is the perkiest person to ever grace a movie screen.
There are only 4 songs here and one is a ballad so that don't count. Three spiffy ones including the amazing "Hamlet" which (according to Last.FM) is the 34th most played tune this year (on my stereo).

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