Monday, November 29, 2010

Day #21,530

Walk 6142-6145(15,385 to go): to the library
Walk 6145-6147(15,383 to go): to Denman @ Davie

Movie #1494 (#279 this year): Lady In The Death House(1944, Steve Sekely)

Marcia Mae Jones (the sister of The Lady In The Death House)

Once again, it's PRC time. This is a whodunit but it's a rather dark and solemn one so I'm willing to overlook that.
Jean Parker is on death row and Lionel Atwill is the detective. Both do a fine job - at least in comparison to some of the other cast members who appear to be thespianly challenged. Another fellow with an important role is Douglas Fowley and you can definitely see the resemblance between him and his famous son Kim.

Movie #1495 (#280 this year): Waterfront(1944, Steve Sekely)

We're back at PRC for the second half of our Steve Sekely double feature. This time it's Nazis in San Francisco. Story is a lot of hooey but it does give John Carradine and J Carrol Naish plenty of opportunities to ham it up as Nazi bad guys.
Again, Sekely seems to know his way around a movie set. That could be because he was really István Székely and he had a long career of directing films under that name in Hungary before he came to Hollywood.

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