Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day #21,517

Book #344 (#43 this year): The Procane Chronicles(1971, Ross Thomas)

Ross Thomas is a highly regarded crime writer that I've avoided reading before now. I read a stinker quite a long time ago and I never could remember if it was Ross Thomas or Robert B Parker. I've come to believe it was Parker so I thought I'd give Thomas a try. And I can't say I'm disappointed. Good characters sent through their paces using a well crafted plot. He's no Izzi but then who is?

Movie #1482 (#269 this year): Annie Get Your Gun(1950, George Sidney)

This is the 3rd of 4 Betty Hutton musicals that I recorded off of TCM. The first two were kinda entertaining but this's crap!
This is more of a standard musical. The others tried to mix the musical numbers in naturally but in this one the characters just break out into song whenever the mood strikes them. And that of course ruins the plot which in this case might have been a good thing. The endless insulting of Indians was pretty disgusting. And the final scene where Annie has to lose a shooting contest to get her man is awful because she does it willingly.
And the music sucks too. Couldn't they get a decent songwriter to come up with a few good tunes?
Betty does try her best but this one is beyond saving. Yuck!

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