Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day #21,525

Walk km 6119-6124 (15,401 to go): Arbutus/20th/Valley/19th/Arbutus/18th/Valley/16th/Stephens/Broadway

Book #345 (#44 this year): Yellow-Dog Contract(1977, Ross Thomas)

I read this one to follow-up on "The Procane Chronicle". This one is of equal quality. I'm not about to go scouting around looking for any more by Mr Thomas but in a pinch I could do worse.

Movie #1487 (#274 this year): $(1971, Richard Brooks)

Caper movie with Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn. Makes for a fun 2 hours.

Movie #1486 (#273 this year): Tish(1942, S Sylvan Simon)

This is the first Simon I've seen since his wonderful "I Love Trouble". He does a nice job here too but this is a romantic comedy rather than film noir. The romance part of this one is tedious but the comedy part ain't bad at all. The best scenes are those with Marjorie Main, Zasu Pitts and Aline McMahon. Those three make a great team.

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