Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day #21,545

Walk km 6274-6276: running errands
Walk km 6276-6279: Robson/Broughton/Nelson/Denman
Walk km 6279-6281: to St Paul's hospital

Christmas lights
aprox km 6280 St Paul's hospital

Movie #1515 (#296 this year): Himitsu No Hanazono (1997, Shinobu Yaguchi)

As I get closer that that 300 movie mark, I'm looking for lightweight entertainment to make those last few movies easier to take.
This was perfect. A comedy about a bank teller who tries to track down a suitcase full of stolen money. Naomi Nishida is perky and cute as the bank teller. Everything is shot in bright colours with a easy to follow plot. Perfect.

Movie #1516 (#297 this year): Twist (1992, Ron Mann)

Not really as advertised. This film is a documentary about the dance crazes of the early 60s. It just happens that the twist was the most popular. About what you'd expect: a lot of archive footage with a few old timers dropping by to say a word or two.

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