Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day #21,542

Walk km 6214-6217: running errands
Walk km 6217-6222: 32nd/Blenheim/16th/Carnavon/Broadway/McDonald

Movie #1509 (#293 this year): I Pugni In Tasca(1965, Marco Bellocchio)

Dysfunctional family. Sandro knocks off his mother and brother because they're dullards. Sandro is charming. His sister is beautiful. His other brother is sane. So?

Movie #1510 (#294 this year): Millhouse(1971, Emile De Antonio)
Documentary about Richard Nixon. Surprisingly not a scathing attack on him but just a bunch of archival footage that makes him look rather foolish and insincere.
Some of the footage is from his fake town hall meetings from the 1968 campaign that were staged by a young fellow named Roger Ailes: now head of Fox News.

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