Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day #21,539

Walk km 6199-6203: to Denny's and return
Walk km 6203-6205: to Grand Sierra and return

Book #354 (#47 this year):
A Stir Of Echoes(1958, Richard Matheson)

Nope. Still no good. It's better than the two crime novels of his I read but nowhere near his "Somewhere In Time". I guess Matheson just improved with age and in 1958 he wasn't quite up to speed yet. This is the sort of plot that Stephen King could do much better.

Movie rewatch(#292 this year): North By Northwest(1959, Alfred Hitchcock)

While staying in this hotel with a 42" TV I couldn't resist watching this movie again on the big screen. Still a pleasure to watch and even better on the big screen.

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