Friday, December 17, 2010

Day #21,548

Walk km 6299-6306: Thurlow/Bute/Davie/Beach/Chilco/Georgia/Pender/Abbott

Movie #1518 (#300 this year): Gagman (1989, Myung-se Lee)

Well, that's a wrap. Mission accomplished: 300 movies in one year.
Gagman is a movie about movies. Sung-kee Ahn is a Charlie Chaplin wannabe who looks exactly like Ron Mael. Since he cannot convince anyone to finance his movie epic, he takes up bank robbing instead. It's all very clever but it goes on way too long. I was impressed by the beginning but after an hour I just wanted it to end.

Movie #1519 (#301 this year): Dublerzy (2006, Marcin Ziebinski)

It's an action-comedy. It's a Polish action-comedy. I try to avoid all action-comedies so I'm not sure how this would compare to one made in Hollywood. My guess is that even Hollywood couldn't come up with anything this brain dead. IMDB rates this an incredibnly low 3.6. I think that's quite generous.

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