Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day #21,296

Today's Walk: False Creek walkway/Ontario/57th

Science World
aprox km1684 at the end of False Creek

Today's Movie: Little Fugitive (1953, Ashley, Engel & Orkin)

You don't see too many movies with three people credited as director. This was a seat-of-the-pants movie shot in New York City using amateur actors and no sets. The story line is nothing (a kid runs away from home) but once they finish setting up the premise and shart shooting at Coney Island, it comes alive.

Today's Song: Strawberry Fields Forever
"" has been down most of the day so here's a quick one at day's end. I just got ahold of another of my favourites from the bygone days of vinyl: the Tomorrow LP. It's a wonder that anyone would try to do a cover of "Strawberry Fields Forever". How can you improve on the original? Tomorrow do give it a good go and legend has it that John Lennon was present during the recording so that may have imspired Steve Howe and his mates to make their best effort. And since I need a second version, I'll just call on the Ventures who recorded a version of almost every hit of the 60s.

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  1. That video was fascinating. Thanks for sharing.