Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day #21,305

Today's Walk #1: Thurlow/Davie/(bus)/4th/Burrard/Pacific/Seymour/Robson/Georgia/Hornby/Robson/Burrard
Today's Walk #2: 43rd/Columbia/42nd/Alberta/43rd/Cambie

walkers on Robson (so fast they're just a blur)
km 1768 corner of Robson & Thurlow

Today's Tune(s): Death Have Mercy

Went to the local library book sale today to pick up a few paperbooks for a planned trip. But old habits are hard to break so I found myself sifting through a stack of CDs even though I no longer want any of those darn things. But hey, I found another Harry Manx CD! Oh well, the money goes to a good cause.
So, the Harry Manx track here is from that CD and the other song despite a similar title appears to be a different song. But nevermind, they're both well worth listening to.

Today's Movie: Dick Tracy (1945, William Berke)

Another 61 minutes of fast-paced mindless entertainment.

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