Friday, April 10, 2009

Third Beach Trail

Day #21,297
Today's Walk: Robson/(Stanley Park: Lost Lagoon/2nd Beach/SeaWall/Third Beach Trail/Rawlings Trail/Bridle Path/Lake Trail/Beaver Lake Trail/Tisdall Walk/Pipeline Road)

gnarled wood
aprox km 1695 Third Beach Trail in Stanley Park

Today's Song: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Today, Let's check out the other side of pop music in the 60s. While the kids were groovin' to a bunch of long haired scruffy beat bands, what were mom & pop gonna listen to? They wanted to show they were hip too but no long haired scruffy types for them. The answer: easy listening covers for the older set. Here we have the ultimate 60s rock'n'roll anthem from the longest haired and scruffiest of the lot: The Rolling Stones. But fear not, it's been sanitized for adult consumption by the likes of the T-Bones (that's probably Danny "Diamond Head" Hamilton on guitar) and Helmut Zacharias (the German violin wizard). Still sound groovy?

Today's Movie: The Untouchables (1987, Brian DePalma)
It's a holiday today so the library is closed. This is one I bought to watch on vacation but never got around to it. Elliott Ness vs Al Capone done up in cartoon style. DePalma knows how to do these sorta things so it's an OK entertainment.

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