Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day #21,306

Today's Walk: Joyce/Wellington/Nootka/14th/Lillooet/Grandview
Today's Walk #2: Burrard/Davie/Denman/Haro/Cardero/Robson/Thurlow/Smithe

Robson Street on a Sunday night
aprox km1775 Robson near Jervis

Today's Movie: The Man On The Eiffel Tower (1949, Burgess Meredith)

This is a tough one to rate. It looks odd-ball enough to be quite entertaining. However, the print is in such terrible condition that it's hard to imagine what this might have looked like in it's original condition. IMDB indicates that this isn't just a bad copy, all copies have deteriorated badly. Supposedly, Charles Laughton demanded Irving Allen be replaced as director. He and co-star Burgess Meredith took over those chores with Meredith getting the on screen credit. It was this hijacking of the director that made everything look off-kilter and not because it was planned that way.
It does say something about the predicability of Hollywood movies if trouble on the set actually improves the final product.

Today Movie #2: Dick Tracy vs Cueball (1946, Gordon Douglas)

Gordon Douglas has more of a flair for this type of thing than William Berke had in the first Dick Tracy flick. However, it's still mindless drivel.

Today's Tune: Tobacco Road
One of the best places to find 50 cent and 99 cent LPs in Winnipeg used to be at Big 4 Sales on Main Street. One day (back in the 70s) I came across an LP there by The Lords. Now, I knew The Lords from the Who Put The Bomp merseybeat issue. They were mentioned as a prime example of non-English merseybeat. And there it was, an English import of a German band in a Canadian thrift shop for less than a buck.
Today, the best place to find those old 50 and 99 cent LPs is not in thrift shops, it's on the internet. I have just returned from a scouting trip through the internet where I stumbled across "Roadrunner Beat Beat". And what did I find there?: The Lords in beautiful MP3 format. So, here's one of the numbers that was on that MFP english import that I found at Big 4 Sales: Tobacco Road.
On the video, the guys who had the hit with this one: The Nashville Teens

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