Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day #21,298

Today's Walk: to The Edgewater Casino & Vancouver Central Library via Smithe & Robson. I didn't take the camera because it was raining. On this walk I passed the 1700 km mark.
Today's Walk #2: Back to The Edgewater Casino and then down Carroll to Pender where I catch the bus.
Today's Walk #3: Granville/43rd/Dunbar/Marine/Alma/41st

Those ubiquitous cherry blossoms
aprox km 1705 43rd @ Maple

Today's Poker Tournament: I'm entered in today's $110 NL Holdem at the Edgewater.
I'm back and here's what happened. So, top card on the flop is a Q and I hold KQ. My 400 chip bet is called. The turn is another Q to give me QQQK. The other fellow bets - I'm all in - he calls - he turns over a full house - the river is no help - I'm gone. Actually, my opponent had gone in a couple of times earlier - once with A3, once with QJ. I was going all in with my 3 queens hopin' for a call. But that's NL (and why I hate it) - you can do everything correctly and still be walking out the door. In FL, you do everything right and you lose some chips but you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep right on playing.

Today's Song: The Hearse

It's back to surf music today. This one is so obscure that there isn't even a Chicchi video for it. It was written by Lee Hazelwood and originally recorded by Al Casey (1963). I used to have this one on Al's "Surfin Hootenany" LP but luckily the LP is gone and the MP3 is here. For version #2, it's off to Montreal for The Treblemakers 1997 cover. And since Chicchi is not available, it's the Eradicators from Toronto on the video.

Today's Movie: Today And Tomorrow(2003, Alejandro Chomski)

Character study of middle-class girl who finds herself broke and has no idea how to handle the situation. Kudos to Antonella Costa in the title roll - you can see her carefree spirit disintegrate as the movie progresses.

Today's Movie #2: Le Petit Lieutenant(2005, Xavier Beauvois)

Nice to see that Nathalie Baye is still around. Well made but regular police procedural.

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