Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day #21,313

Today's Walk: Robson/Georgia/(bus)/Cambie/33rd/Angus/The Crescent/McRae/Granville/Drake/Burrard/Burnaby/Thurlow/Davie/Jervis/Comox/Thurlow
Today's Walk #2: Robson/Bute/Alberni/Burrard/Robson/Howe/Pender/Bute/Robson

Hycroft (history of this building is here)
aprox km1842 1489 McRae

Today's Book: The Princess Of Burundi(2006, Kjell Eriksson)

This one was written a year before "The Cruel Stars Of The Night". I have read that one which I found to be amazingly similar to the work of fellow-Swede Henning Mankell. The one difference between the two was that Mankell spoke of all the members of the police force but everything was filted through one person: Kurt Wallander. In contrast, Eriksson goes back and forth between the various police officers. This leads to a lack of coherancy in the storytelling - even more pronounced in this book.
However, this is still a wonderful book and that one drawback should not stop you from heading to your local library right away and checking out a copy.

Today's Movie: Union Station(1950, Rudolph Maté)

Police procedural concerning kidnapping. Plenty of the small touches that are required in order to give the film the look of authenticity. Good work from all concerned.

Today's Movie #2: The Blue Butterfly (2004, Lea Pool)

This is absolute crap. OK, so when I started watching I didn't know this was a kid's movie. Why in the world would you have Pascale Bussieres (sexiest Canadian ever)in a kid's movie?
OK, so it's a kid's movie. But are kids really this stoopid? Do you have to dumb down this thing so that's it's just a jumbled mess of cliches in order for kids to enjoy it? This is an insult to children everywhere.

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  1. Finished the Klavan novel today so The Princess Of Burundi is up next.