Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Day #21,302
Today's Walk: Meetup group: Science World to English Bay (and return)

my fellow walkers: Julie on the rail, Vesna making a point, Willy can't believe what he's hearing, Glenn behaving himself because he knows his picture is being taken
aprox km 1741 the seawalk along False Creek

Today's Movie: The Twonky (1953,Arch Oboler)

Back in the day, the movie companys were deathly afraid of television. They figured, why would people go out and pay to see a movie when they could just stay at home and watch television. They obviously underestimated the general public's ability to waste time. It soon became apparant that they were quite capable of watching TV all day while still being able to take in a movie that evening at a local theatre.
This movie was based on the prevailing fear of TV in Hollywood. In it, a TV takes over a house and turns everyone's brains to mush. OK, that part they got right. However, it is such a low budget/low brow affair (kinda looks like an old television show) that it couldn't scare anyone. Instead, it's played for laughs.

Today's Movie #2: The Monster That Challenged The World (1957, Arnold Laven)

This movie is caught right in the middle. Not crappy enough to be unintentionally funny but not good enough to be scary. Ho hum.

Today's Tune: 19th Nervous Breakdown

Zip-Your-Rip is at it again. Just two days ago he posted the Living Guitars' version of Rolling Stones hits. And this morning it's Mike Curb & Waterfall's turn to offer up easyfied versions of the Stones hits. Since Mike has included "19th Nervous Breakdown", all I need do is update my post of that song from over at HearingDouble by adding the Curb version. This gives everyone another chance to hear the #1 version of this song by everyones favourite German new wave marching band, Tätärä!

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