Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day #21,308

Today's Walk: Joyce/Crowley/Tyne/Champlain/Handel/Brahms/Strauss/Vivaldi/Matheson/Rumble/Boundary/Grey Gum Trail/Matheson/Marine Dr/Marine Way/(bus)/Georgia/Robson/Burrard

a building
As I do quite often, I forgot to take my camera on today's walk. So, at 12:30 A.M. I popped out on the balcony to get a snap of a building across the way. I'm at km 1797.

Today's Movie: Look Both Ways (2005,Sarah Watt)

A light-hearted look at death. The premise seems to be that death builds character. Everyone in the film is dying, has witnessed death, knows someone dying etc etc. And all these people are just the nicest bunch of folks you'd ever wanna meet. All that is except one fellow who has no death experiences and he's a grade A jerk. At the end a co-worker of his admits that he's dying of cancer - that seems to improve his jerky behaviour somewhat.
Sarah is able to make the characters believable which causes the film to fly by in record time.

Today's Movie #2: The Big Empty(2003, Steve Anderson)

They were shooting for "weird" but the best they could do was "silly". Also, all those MTV video moments were quite annoying. Still, silly is better than boring. Like they say, time well wasted.

This year's catchiest ditty (so far): Drück die 1

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