Monday, May 4, 2009

Day #21,322

Today's Walk: from Abiko Station to the lake and then along the lake to Highway 8 (and return)

fish pendants
aprox km1920 near the lake and Highway 8, Abiko, Japan

Today's movie: San Francisco(1936, W S Van Dyke)

Drizzle during my trip to Abiko and out-and-out rain the rest of the day so this evening I'm curled up with my laptop watching another old Hollywood classic. Seems this one won the academy award for best picture in 1936. Well, there are a few good things to say about this picture: nice montage work on the earthquake sequences and a nice job by Jeanette MacDonald (whom I'd never seen before due to my aversion to musicals). However, the plot is absolutely horrid. It seems that Clark Gable is a nitwit because he doesn't believe in organized religion. Only when he goes down on his knees and gives in to the lunacy does a) he get his girl back and b) the San Francisco fire stops. Good god!

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