Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day #21,341

Walk km 2062-2069: Robson/Georgia/Main/Cordova/Gore/(bus)/Robson/Nicola/sea walk/Alberni/Denman

three whatchamacallems
aprox km2067 Nicola @ Pender

Movie #1006: A Home At The End Of The World (2004, Michael Mayer)

Well, it was a good try. This material is very emotional and it would take exceptional talent to make this work. That kind of talent is not on display here - scene after scene falls flat.

Today's Tune: Rootie Tootie

Yup, we're doin' something way different today. This time it's a Hank Williams' tune from way back in 1947 instead of his later 1951 stuff that we've been featuring these last few days. And as an added attraction we've got the Berry Kids doing a rock'n'roll version from 1956. And sure enough, one of the Berry Kids was none other than Chuck Berry! Hmmmm.... maybe there were two Chuck Berrys recording in 1956? Both singles were issued by MGM records.

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