Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day #21,347

Walk (km 2108-2120): Robson/Broughton/Alberni/Stanley Park/sea walk/Burrard

the beach
aprox km2112 Stanley Park

Movie #1017: Les Dimanches de Ville D'Avray (1962, Serge Bourguignon)

One of my all time favourites. Originally saw this on TV sometime in the 70s. This VHS copy from the library was in very bad shape with a washed out picture and white subtitles that blended into the b&w background. But even in this shape, the movie has a lot of power. According to comments on IMDB, all the prints of this movie are in bad shape. Let's hope somebody can find a good copy somewhere - I would definately watch it for the 3rd time if someone did.

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