Monday, May 25, 2009

Day #21,342

Walk (km 2069-2074): Burrard/Dunsmuir/Hamilton/Pender/Abbott/Cordova/Princess/Pender/Georgia/Commercial

a flower
aprox km2072 Pender Street

Movie #1007: Incident On A Dark Street(1973, Buzz Kulik)
You can't expect much when you buy your DVDs in the 2 for $2.38 bin at the Army&Navy. What we have here is a made-for-TV movie. And the picture quality is horrible to boot. I guess the made-for-TV movie of the 70s took the place of the Hays Code films that Hollywood had abandoned around that time. Which doesn't mean that it has to be cookie-cutter stuff (as Speilberg's Duel proved). However, for this one, the cookie-cutter is in plain view.

Today's Tune: Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Here's a tune that has been a long time favourite of mine. I first heard this on one of those 50 cent LPs from days gone by called "Dimension Dolls". The others "dolls" on that LP were The Cookies and Carole King. "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" was the best song on the album which is saying something because Little Eva's "The Loco-motion" was also on there.
The 2nd version here is by Minneapolis surf band The Trashmen.
If you prefer your music lo-fi, we have Belgium's The Moondawgs on the video.

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