Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day #21,348

Walk (km 2120-2128): Robson/Georgia/Beatty/sea walk to Kitsilano Beach via Science World/Cornwall

aprox km 2128 forgot to take my camera so this picture was taken from my balcony

Movie #1018: Call Of The Wild (1935, William Wellman)

There are a few things wrong with this movie:
1) how Loretta Young forgets about her "dead" husband almost instantly
2) the Jack Oakie character is quite annoying
3) the final scene where Clark Gable is so delighted to learn that he is now a slave owner
There have definately been better Wellmans. Almost makes me want to read the book: do we blame Jack London or do we blame Hollywood.

Today's Song: Baby It's Cold Outside
I wasn't aware that this song is considered a Christmas tune. The eMusic lists shows that it's a regular staple of Christmas albums past and present. Kinda odd for a make-out song.
The singers on Arizona Amp And Alternator are Howe Gelb & Marie Lorette Friis. I was unable to identify the woman singing with Cab Calloway.

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