Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day #21,337

Today's Tune: Miserlou
More from my recent trip to Japan. Although all music is now free to download from the internet, I could not stop myself from indulging in my lifetime habit of rummaging through used music shops. In Tokyo, I came across The Surf Coasters very first CD release ("Surf Panic '95") for only 250 yen (about $3 CAD). On it they do their version of everyone's favourite Pulp Fiction tune, Miserlou. For added contrast I've included the version by the king of the e-z listening dual pianos, Ronnie Aldrich. Going one step further, we have a video of Korla Pandit playing "Miserlou" on the organ and piano simultaneously.
For a little background on this tune, check out the explanation in Space Age Pop.

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