Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day #21,442

Walk km 2727-2735: Smithe/Howe/Nelson/Cambie bridge/2nd/Oak/Broadway/Cypress/3rd/Burrard/Burrard bridge/Burrard
Walk km 2735-2743: Science World return trip via the Granville Bridge (with Meetup Group)

the Meetup Walking group
aprox km 2740 north sea walk

Movie #1073: Eegah (1962, Arch Hall Sr)

Arch Hall's masterpiece. Fellow director Ray Dennis Steckler appears in this movie but he could only dream of directing a movie this goofy. And to think that he only directed one movie! This one is rated an amazingly low 1.9 on IMDB.
Note: Was Arch Hall Jr's hairdo the inspiration for the Leningrad Cowboys?

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