Friday, September 4, 2009

Day #21,444

Walk km 2746-2750: Burrard/Pender/Granville/Robson/Howe/Helmcken/Burrard/Davie/Bute/Robson

William Davis Centre for Actors' Study
aprox km 2749 Helmcken @ Howe

Movie #1075: Five Steps To Danger(1957, Henry S Kesler)

This is the kinda movie I like. Sterling Hayden's car breaks down on Route 66 and he catches a ride with Ruth Roman. Then all kinds of odd characters start popping up along the way. Unfortunately, it turns out to be just a "red scare" movie but fun nevertheless.

Book #255: The Haunted Hotel(1879, Wilkie Collins)

General wisdom is that Collins' 2 great books are The Woman In White and The Moonstone. There are a few more notables like Armadale and No Name and after that it's mostly junk. This book then would be filed under junk. And I can't disagree too much with that. We have a ghost story and all through the book you keep wondering how Collins will explain the odd goings on in the "Haunted Hotel". But at the end, he doesn't. He just says that the place must have really been haunted. Oh, I'm afraid that won't do for me. But still, I do like the Collins style so it's still a pleasant read.

Today's Tune: The Nation Of Happiness
I'm leaving for Korea in a couple of days so I took another stab at trying to identify "Artic Regions Possibility". This was the google webpage translation of a singer from Korea. I had purchased a various artists compilation on my first trip to Korea and found that disc 1 track 5 was very good. But I cannot read Korean. So I found a webpage that had a track list and used google to come up with "Artic Regions Possibility". Currently, this song is listed as my #14 all-time most played track by Last.FM.
Now I was able to determine that this guy's real name is Hahn Dae-Soo and that he is considered to be the "John Lennon of Korea". On the one track I have he sounds more like the Phil Ochs of Korea but I have only one song and he's had a very long career. So, on this trip I'll be trying to find more CDs by Mr Hahn.
Also, it turns out that "The Nation Of Happiness" was (and still is) quite popular in Korea as there a number of videos on YouTube of people singing it. The video presented here is by an unknown singer (my lack of Korean is showing again) who is quite nice but she's no Hahn Dae-Soo.

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