Monday, September 7, 2009

Day #21,447

Walk km 2757-2760: 32 Uljiro 6-ga to Jongno3 Station (I think)and return
Walk km 2760-2768: 32 Uljiro 6-ga to Seoul Station and return via Toegyero, Hullyeonwonno, Namdaemunno, Chungmuro, Mareunnaegil and other unknown streets.
Walk km 2768-2770: 32 Uljiro 6-ga to and around Cheonggyyecheonno area

Route 60 at 4 AM
aprox km 2758 Seoul Korea

Movie #1077: The Lady and The Mob (1939, Benjamin Stoloff)

I guess Columbia thought it couldn't miss: little old lady takes on mob. It missed - way wide. Ain't nothing funny in this comedy. I recorded it because Ms Ida Lupino appears herein. A 100 Ida Lupinos couldn't save this one.

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