Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day #21,466

Walk km 2904-2907: Walk to McDonalds to try and find internet (no luck)
Walk km 2907-2914: downtown to do some shopping

horses for tourists
aprox km 2910 Swanston St, Melbourne

Movie #1085: Bedtime Story(1941, Alexander Hall)
screwball comedy with Loretta Young who just isn't the screwball type, further weighed down by leaky plot - still has its enjoyable moments

Movie #1086: 56 Rue Pigalle(1949, Willy Rozier)
How in the world did this find its way into the $5 bin at a Melbourne discount store? Run-of-the-mill French movie with no known stars or director. Interesting to see a normal example of French cinema instead of the steady stream of "classics" that we're fed. The only distinguishing feature of this feature is that the director fought a duel (with swords) with a film critic over his review. The duel is an added bonus with the DVD.

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