Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day #21,455

Walk km 2830-2838: from Hangang University along riverbank, up to Yaksu station, over to Route 60 and then to Eujiro Co-Op Residence

bridge along Route 60
aprox km 2831 Seoul

plants on the roof
aprox km 2835 Seoul

Movie re-watched: Terror In A Texas Town(Joseph H Lewis, 1958)

I first saw this one on TV when I was in London. I remembered liking it but not this much! Sterling Hayden has a field day as the Swedish sailor with his harpoon. Ned Young (whom I've never heard of before) is nifty as the over-the-hill gunfighter. Great music by Gerald Fried (especially that trumpet stuff). And best of all, director Joseph H Lewis. Did this win the academy award for best picture in 1958? No! They otta be ashamed.

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