Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day #21,448

Walk km 2770-2777: 32 Uljiro 6-ga to Taepyeongno and Bukchang via Cheonggyecheonno and back via many unknown streets
Walk km 2777-2780: Shopping in clothing and food areas in back alleys and unknown streets

pedestrian shopping street
aprox km 2774 somewhere in Myeong-dong area

Movie #1078: Whirlpool(1934, Roy William Neill)

This one was recorded for the same reason as yesterday's "The Lady And The Mob": to fill a spot on an actress' filmography. Yesterday it was Ida Lupino and with this one it's Jean Arthur. This movie isn't quite the stinker that yesterday's one was but the big difference is that Ida Lupino ain't no Jean Arthur. Ms Arthur does make this one watchable all by herself. Like the saying goes, I'd pay to watch Jean Arthur read from the telephone book.

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