Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day #21,445

Walk km 2750-2757: Smithe/Howe/Nelson/Cambie bridge/(sky train)/River Rd/#3 Rd/Browngate/Hazelbridge/Empire Centre/#3 Rd/(sky train)/Georgia/Burrard

Empire Centre
aprox km 2757 near #3 Road, Richmond

Movie #1076: Bride Of The Gorilla(1951, Curt Siodmak)

It was a long wait for Curt. Curt's first directorial effort was in 1930 with his brother Robert. Robert was already a well established Hollywood director before Curt got a chance to direct his first Hollywood film. And this was his first film: "Bride Of The Gorilla". Poor Curt. I guess the direction is OK but who could do anything with this stupid script? The scriptwriter: Curt.
Raymond Burr kinda turns into a gorilla, but only offscreen so that he can continue with the plot without giving away his ghastly secret - and I'm sure it saved a lot on special effects too.

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