Monday, September 28, 2009

Day #21,468

Walk km 2930-2937: to corner of Flinders & Queensbridge (and return)

park walkway
aprox km 2937 Darling Square

Walk km 2925-2930: Hoddle,Bridge Rd,Burnley,Victoria,Hoddle

street scene
aprox km 2927 Bridge Road

Movie #1090: The Gay Desperado (Rouben Mamoulien, 1936)

Even farther back into the career of Ida Lupino. This one is a musical for someone named Nino Martini whom I've never heard of. Actually the songs aren't too bad at all. However, as with all musicals, there is a problem: how to build a script so that the cast breaks out in song every 10 minutes. The plot cannot recover from this and the songs aren't good enough to salvage the movie by themselves. Ida though is quite good in a limited role.

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