Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day #21,594

Walk km 6436-6444: Granville/41st/Cartier/45th/Montgomery/54th/Selkirk/54th/Oak/55th/Oak/57th/Laurel/58th/Granville/59th/Montcalm/67th/Cartier/Cartier PL/Montcalm/73rd/72nd/Granville

log styled house
aprox km 6441 58th Ave

Movie #1563: Suzie (2009, Micheline Lanctot)

For some reason this movie ran at the wrong speed. At first I thought it was on purpose but when it continued, I stopped it and started it at the beginning. The result: regular speed. That kind of ruined any chance of this movie getting a proper appraisal.
This one brings together two giants of the Quebec cinema. From yesteryear, Micheline Lanctot (in 1972 she was Bernadette!) and Pascale Bussieres. I would watch anything either of these two were in. Together, it's a must see.

Song #36,518: The Killers (à Juan) (Caroline, 2011)

box.net appears to be working today so here's that track by Caroline that I wanted to update yesterday. Interesting sound - grabs your attention right away with the 30 second preview. Caroline are from France and their new release contains one CD of original material and one CD of cover tunes (all with references to a "Caroline").

Book #366: Metro Stop Paris (2008, Gregor Dallas)
It's never a good sign of a book's worth when you receive a notice from the library telling you that "time's up". Yes, it took a long time to read this and it wasn't because there was a lot to read.

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