Monday, February 28, 2011

Day #21,621

Walk km 6690-6706(14,915 to go): to Yaletown Station/(skytrain)/Cambie/Queen Elizabeth park/33rd/James/32nd/Prince Edward/John/28th/Sophia/30th/Prince Edward/30th/Fraser/32nd/33rd/St Catherines/21st/Main/1st/Ontario/Athlete's/seawalk/Cambie bridge/Expo/Abbott/Pender

big bird
aprox km 6704 seawalk @ Athlete's Way

Movie #1591: Punishment Park (1971, Peter Watkins)

Remake of "The Most Dangerous Game" where a bunch of "subversives" are sent out into the desert in order to be tracked down and killed by "the pigs". I don't think they really needed to exaggerate so much in order to get their point across but it did make it more fun to watch.

Movie #1590: Koruto Wa Ore No Pasupoto (1967, Takashi Nomura)

An interesting yakuza/spaghetti western. As you know, the spaghetti western was based on the Japanese samurai movie. So, Nomura brings the cycle around by basing his Japanese yakuza movie on the spaghetti western. Bonus: amazing fake-Morricone music. Minus: the lead actor (the hit man) who has cheeks so puffy he looks like a chipmunk.

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