Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day #21,606

Walk km 6557-6566 (15,040 to go): University/Allison/Chancellor/Pacific Spirit Park/ beach path/Sasamat/Belmont/Marine/Discovery/Locarno/8th/Broadway

Movie #1574: High Lonesome (1950,Alan Le May)

This is a strange one. A 1950 western shot in colour. A colour western would be fairly rare around that time. Who could be the star? John Wayne? Jimmy Stewart? Gary Cooper? John Barrymore Jr? Yup, John Barrymore Jr. And the strangest thing is: John Barrymore Jr can't act. The best he can do is a grimace which seems to be on his face pretty much all the time. So why did someone put up a lot of money to make this film in colour and pick a guy who can't act? I'll have to check with IMDB.
The movie itself ain't so bad. It's colourful. Maybe the dialogue ain't so good but the plot is pretty good. Not a bad movie and watching the horrid Barrymore Jr does add interest.

Song #36,747: Goin' Steady (Faron Young, 1952)
The star of "Raiders Of Old California" could sing a bit too.

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