Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day #21,616

Movie #1584: Strange Holiday (1945, Arch Oboler)

One of those patriotic wartime movies made to rally support for the war. It's the usual baloney but this one piles on the ham pretty thick. Claude Rains is on vacation for two weeks: when he returns the country has been taken over by fascists.
The film's message: It could happen here, be prepared to fight for your freedom!
What they forgot: The fascists took over not by an invasion but by a revolution. And they did it all in only two weeks. That means that the population of the USA are all closet fascists just waiting for their chance to take over the government. Doesn't sound like a country like that is worth saving!
Update: it appears that there is quite a story behind this one. Arch was paid by General Motors to make this film. They were going to show it to their employees to get them to work harder. However, they never showed it but instead sold it to MGM. Oboler and Rains then bought it back from MGM and shot new scenes (the GM version was only 30 minutes long).

Movie #1585: Der Freie Wille (2006, Matthias Glasner)

German/Austrian movies certainly do dig deep under those rocks to look for the most screwed-up characters you could possibly find.
Our hero is a serial rapist trying to straighten himself out. Halfway through the movie he finds true love and it looks like he'll finally be become a useful member of society. Wrong. That's when the shit really hits the fan.
Compelling viewing.

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